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Don’t give up!

This is in relation to blog post I’ve scheduled for tomorrow. (Image made by me)

This is for all you guys out there that have hit rock bottom and want to give up. Don’t do it, don’t give up. There are better things to come. There was a time I literally wanted to give up because I kept telling myself what’s the point of anything anymore. But I focused on the reasons to continue and now I really like who and where I am.



Perfection and perception.

When we change our perception, we learn to see the beauty in others… Perfection is a perception.

A friend called Ashmitha told me this and I found it beautiful and moving. This ‘quote’ basically implies and talks about self love; and learning to accept yourself for who, how and what you are. One can only do so when they stop comparing themselves to others.


-That's The Thing About Heroes. No Matter How Brightly You Shine The Light On Them, They Always Want To Stay In The Shadows.-.png
This is an inspirational thing because, it encourages people to help others, out of the goodness of their hearts, and not because they want to be appreciated or rewarded for it.

Remember – the strongest people are not those that show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.


Also there is a new category of Poetry coming soon

– Sonaili

Destruction of the Nairobi National Park

Dear readers, as I am writing this I have so many emotions going through me; anger, rage, sadness. In fact as I write this, I am literally welling up with tears.


I haven’t told you this but I stay in Nairobi, Kenya and usually when I say this to anyone, I say it with pride, but today I am putting it down in embarrassment and disgust. I  am actually also an Indian and to an extent British, but when anyone asks me where my home is, I say Kenya because I was born and brought up here and so was my mother and her parents,

Growing up I have always heard of the amazing and beautiful animals that one could see in the Nairobi National Park. For those of you who don’t know; Nairobi is the only city in the world to have a national park within it, and saying this gives me great pride. And for those of you out there who have that stereotypical thinking that lions and wild animals roam our streets please know that this is not true, we have buildings, houses, roads, cars, phones and other things that most cities in the world have.


Tourists flood the country during different times of the year to get a glimpse of the beautiful animals. Tourism already brings in a huge amount of income for the country. But the government wants to develop Kenya even more, but at the expense of the beautiful national park.

The National Park is home to  Cape buffaloes, baboons, black rhinos,gazelles, zebras, cheetahs, Coke’s hartebeest, hippopotami, leopards, lions, elands, impala, Masai giraffes, ostriches, vulturesand waterbucks and a couple of other animals.

   Railway To Pass Through Nairobi National Park Despite Strong Opposition

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The reason why the national park might be destroyed in the first place is due to the building of railways through it, the people in charge of building this railways are the Chinese. Though few argue that it is only taking up ‘a little’ of the park; I strongly believe, ‘little’ is too much. The numbers of animals in Kenya are already slowly decreasing due to poaching and urbanisation. Building this railway will eventually end up leading to the end of these animals in Nairobi and Kenya over all.

Two years ago I went Masai Mara and to my sadness I hardly got to see any animals. I only say about three elephants and two lions, I dream of living in  a Kenya how my mum describes it, where humans, plants and animals live in harmony without disturbing the other.

The fuel of corruption

The debate of whether this railway should be built has been going on since last year and proceedings often stop due to protests. At the moment apparently the proposal by this Chinese company has been rejected, but for how long?  The government has clearly shown what side it chooses to take.

Kenya is actually one of the most corrupt countries in the world scoring a meager 25/100 in the corruption perception index in 2015. You may be wondering what corruption has to do with the topic at hand. Well, it is quite easy for companies benefiting form this development to give a bribe to the government, leading to the passing of the proposal. If the President and his MPs really wanted for this not to take place they could have just out rightly refused the plan in the first place. At the moment the proposal is kind of on hold because the president has allowed for environmental impact assessment, to see whether the building of the railway would affect wildlife. This though is pathetic because the obvious answer is yes. It is also quite clear that this test or assessment will be passed because of corruptions, Kenyan MPs are just out to fill their own pockets at the expense of the loss of wildlife. Also the Chinese have also apparently already set up base at the park, waiting.

The original route for this Standard Gauge Railway was different, it is last year that it changed to going through the Nairobi National Park.

This is a call to everyone, not just Kenyans to raise awareness and stand up to these corrupt and money minded people. Whilst doing my research I came across this horrendous comment:

Which consevationists are these? These are well fed Kenyans eating from the hands of donors. Ordinary Kenyans wants jobs that will be created by SGR. Animals are not more important than human beings. All these animals can be relocated to Ruma National Park, Tsavo, Lake Nakuru and other parks. We don’t need parks in a capital city. Even in developed countries there are no parks but Zoos which generate more revenue than Nairobi national park.

Animals are just as important as human beings, what makes this person think that we are in any way superior. In fact I believe that Humans are the stupidest creatures to roam this earth and because of us this beautiful earth is slowly dying.

What you can do to help

Even if you are not Kenyan you can still help, this is my plea to you. Our politicians are not going to listen to us but maybe to the rest of the world. Wouldn’t you want your grand children and children to have the opportunity to see the beautiful wildlife the Earth has to offer? So my fellow bloggers help spread the word, re-blog this post share it on social media help put a final end to the construction of this railway. If you need more info about this railway construction –

Search  ‘sgr railway construction Nairobi national park’ for more news articles and updates.

Also if you have any suggestions on ways to stop this happening, write them in the comments. Spread the word about these selfish people, tel those around you, re-blog and share on social media.

As late Environmentalist and Kenyan Nobel Peace winner- Professor Wanagari Mathai said;

-“The little grassroots people can change the world”