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Deforestation in Kenya because of Billboards

Hey everyone it is my sincere urge; whether you live in Kenya or not to help in signing this petition. It would mean a huge deal 🙂 .

It is a petition and you signing it would mean a huge deal. I tried sharing it on Facebook but have not gotten a response so far because most of my facebook friends are from my school and basically people only listen to you if you are popular, which I clearly am not so, your signature would mean a huge deal.

Your cooperation will highly be appreciated.



Don’t give up!

This is in relation to blog post I’ve scheduled for tomorrow. (Image made by me)

This is for all you guys out there that have hit rock bottom and want to give up. Don’t do it, don’t give up. There are better things to come. There was a time I literally wanted to give up because I kept telling myself what’s the point of anything anymore. But I focused on the reasons to continue and now I really like who and where I am.


Perfection and perception.

When we change our perception, we learn to see the beauty in others… Perfection is a perception.

A friend called Ashmitha told me this and I found it beautiful and moving. This ‘quote’ basically implies and talks about self love; and learning to accept yourself for who, how and what you are. One can only do so when they stop comparing themselves to others.


-That's The Thing About Heroes. No Matter How Brightly You Shine The Light On Them, They Always Want To Stay In The Shadows.-.png
This is an inspirational thing because, it encourages people to help others, out of the goodness of their hearts, and not because they want to be appreciated or rewarded for it.

Remember – the strongest people are not those that show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.


Also there is a new category of Poetry coming soon

– Sonaili