Last day of school

The time has come when I can say that I am finally done with high school. Unfortunately the high school I was in did not take the initiative to even organise a graduation for us, despite the fact that some of us have even represented the school in so many events, and have defended the school in so many situations. Most of us have also been in this school for about 13 years now.

Some of you after reading 13 years must have been shocked. How? you ask; well in Kenya as well as the local system of education, which is offered by many schools there are also many international schools. Most international schools follow the British system of education and some others offer the American curricular. Throughout my life I have gone to schools that offer the British system of learning/ educations.  Now the thing is, within every school there is a Nursery/ Kindergarten, Primary then finally Secondary/ High school. So unlike most countries, where to transition from Nursery to primary, or to transition from Primary to high school, one has to go to an entirely different school; in Kenya it does not work like that.

To make it more easier to understand; say there is a school called Park School (this is not a real school in Kenya) – this Park school will have: Park Nursery School, Park Primary School and Park High school and most people when done with one level of education, will transition into the next level most likely in the same school. Sometimes the school will have the location for each divisions at different locations or they will be in the same compound just different building for each. The schools I went to mostly had the later.

The nursery school I went to had the first, where the buildings were in different locations. My parents did not want me to go to Primary of the same school, so I changed schools after nursery. The school I went into for Primary was more of a relatives choice, and my mum hated the school because it was not reputable at all; so after doing years 2,3 and 4, I changed schools again. The school I then went into, is the one I remained in till year 13; well excluding year 7, because I did that in a school in London. So in total I have spent eight years of my life in this school, as I was there in years 5,6,8,9,10,11,12 and 13. This school was one where all the buildings for the kindergarten, primary and high school are in the same compound but different buildings. So I think you can understand why we were angry that we did not get a graduation.

Moving on. I’m going summarize my school journey particularly, in this school where I spent eight years. When I first arrived I was quiet and shy and loved books, so I spent all my break and lunch times reading; until my mum banned me from the library so I could at least have a social life. Slowly I started talking and opening up to my class mates. And I found a my group of friends. Just when I thought I was finally comfortable, we moved to London, which meant starting the process of fitting in all over again. Yes, I did end up kind of fitting in quite quickly; which I guess was a good thing, that is until I came back.

The thing is, people in London were too mature for their age, which was a good thing to an extent, because they were independent. Unknowingly I too became too mature, so I had such a difficult time, fitting in, when I came back. To make matters worse new students had come in, and people in classes had been shuffled. This meant that I was not with the same class mates that I had in year 5 and 6. And even if I had had the chance to talk to these people, it wasn’t the same, because so much had changed in a year.

once again so began the me trying to fit in, which did not happen properly until I was in year 12; so for four years I went through an emotional turmoil, with a heightened level of anxiety and depression. Which I have kind of high-lighted in the post – Now you know.  To be honest I still have slight pangs of it, and having people tell me “You are still the same person” does not help at all, especially considering the fact that this person was once my so called closest friend. But anyways I’m glad she is barely in my life any more.

Coming back to the last day of school, it was also my birthday. I didn’t want to celebrate in a massive way so after the day finished, I went out to lunch with my two closest friends. I didn’t want to over do it, especially after I have recently realized a couple of things as seen in the post change is inevitable. 

We spent the day signing shirts and taking pictures. And then we had a little farewell ceremony where some teachers gave speeches, that was quite tearful.

During this ceremony there were two things that that I will take with me and remember for the rest of my life. 1) a teacher telling us not to lose ourselves once we go out to live our own lives and 2) Another teacher pulling me to the side and telling me to never change because I (apparently) have a good personality. She may not know it, but that did mean so so much to me.

Yes, as usual on this day there were times that I felt horrible and kind of alone, once I saw each clique having their own fun. As mentioned in Change is inevitable, I don’t fit into a particular group or clique. In school though I do have friends they all belong to different groups and cliques. My best friend and I don’t belong to any particular group, so at least we had each other :’D.

Below there are pictures of my friends and I on the last day.

No these are not the only people that I talk to or am friends with, it’s just that I got pictures with only these people :). As you may have noticed there really wasn’t a lot to say. I just want to say though, I am so glad that I am done with this chapter that is called and known as ‘High school’ not saying that I won’t miss it, because don’t get me wrong despite everything that I have been through in there; I will take away with me some amazing memories, that can never be replaced :D.

Also I was comparing the shirt that people signed after O’ levels, to the one that was signed now and the difference is honestly astounding. The amount of people that signed my shirt now was quite a lot compared to the one after O’ levels. This does show how much my social circle has grown and I’d like to think it does reflect how much I have grown as a person. Yes, though I do want to put pictures it will be a little weird considering the fact that some of the messages or write ups are a little personal. But thank you to everyone who made that day extra special with the birthday wishes, the day also reminded me that though I do have a little bit of an enmity with a couple of people, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any nice and memorable memories with them, so shout out to those that reminded me of good scenarios in my high school life also, shout out to those that also made the day special by filling it with laughter and joy; but most importantly thank you to my two closest friends for the lunch after, the surprise cake and the amazing birthday in general.



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