Change is inevitable and time never stops for anyone.

Change is inevitbale and time does not stop for anyone

The title has been my motto in life for the past few weeks after so much of change has once again, just piled up on top of me. With people I was close to becoming distant, and those who were distant becoming closer.

I guess this change is teaching me that not everyone currently in my life is here to stay. It took me a while to figure this out, and that is why I went on a little break from blogging and just being online. Those of you who read the blog post that I put up before going on my short hiatus know what I was thinking. I took that post down because it was filled with spite and hatred, something which I am very against.

But if I were to summarize it, I had realised that to some people in my life I was a back up plan – what I mean by this is that people only remembered that I existed when they wanted something from me, or when they did not have anyone else. This occurred to me when ac couple of times I was forgotten or left behind by these people. It also then dawned on me that I don’t belong in any ‘squad’ ‘clique’ or ‘group’. And for some reason that really got to me. It was also at that time that I had a huge fall out with my closest friend, and I thought that I had lost the one person that was actually close to me.

During the time when I was on my hiatus, I also distanced my self from people around me for about two weeks. Which is when it dawned on me, I don’t need to belong to a ‘squad’ ‘group’ or ‘clique’ to be happy. I need to find happiness within me and that me just ‘hanging out’ with everyone and hoping around from one group to another was okay. During the two weeks, my friend and I patched up too. Also I realised that I need to stop being the one to always keep in touch or talk to people, because if people really did want to be a part of my life, then they too need to make an effort. Also another thing that really did upset me during this time was when a friend, just because of me distancing myself for two weeks, kind of threw away a friendship of a couple of years. And though this person did not tell me this upfront, they did something which really opened my eyes. This thing also hurt me a lot, however I have just let bygones be bygones. And now I only talk to this person when I have to.

It is during this time that I developed this whole motto –

“Change is inevitable, and time does not stop for anyone”

And it has worked wonders. It also dawned on me that me not caring about things in the world was just a facade and a way for me to protect myself form the world. And that is not me, I do care about things going on around the world and I aspire to help the world become a better place in any way that I can.

Another situation in which this motto will help me is when I move away from home and go to university. This is going to be a huge change for me, as I am going to a place which is in many way new. However, I am not that frightened and once again it is all because of this motto.

So I really think that you guys should take into consideration following this motto. It has helped me and I strongly believe that it can help many of you as well; especially those that are afraid of change in any way. We all have to learn to embrace it because as said – It is inevitable, and if you get too stuck in a moment, time will go on without you.


That being said, I have decided to continue – Uninvited guest and turn it into more than a short story. And the only place where I can share it with people properly as sort of a novel is on Wattpad – so go and check it out. It is now called cruel hearts.  I am, however, in the future going to make an entire section for it, on this ‘site’ of mine and divide it into chapters; for you guys to navigate through it properly :). Also I am thinking of starting vlogging, when I go to uni :/ but do let me know whether you guys think that it is a good idea. 

Instagram: @sonailiwrites

twitter: @sonaili_


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