Nature walk.

Nature walk.

Some humans think themselves to be beautiful, most humans think other humans to be beautiful; but, no human can beat the beauty of nature.

The writing above is something that I personally love. I wrote it myself and it is something I personally feel very deeply about.

The beauty of nature is something that cannot be compared to that of humans. And that is one of the several reason that I am a nature lover. On Monday I went on a nature walk with my family (my nuclear family and my first cousins from my mum’s side). We were 9 of us in total. My mum, my dad, my aunt, my three siblings, my three cousins and I.

We went to a place called Karura forest, which is located in Nairobi. Karura forest is a forest which is managed by the Kenya Forest Service in conjunction with the Friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association. To be honest it is one of my favourite places in the world, so far. The area is peaceful, and offers much to do for nature lovers and everyone else alike. There is a small field which has been created at one of the entrances, where people come and take part in activities and host small events. There is also a small area for people to have picnics and a small cafe known as ‘River Cafe’ which boasts delicious continental food and has a calm and soothing atmosphere, because as one dines they are surrounded by the beautiful greenery of the forest.

One can also take their bikes there, or hire them from the location and ride them on the marked trail, that goes through the forest. as one goes a little deeper into the forest is a river, with a small waterfall and caves.

The main waterfall in Karura.
A small section of the river.

Yesterday my family and I went for a walk, had a picnic and went riding with our bikes. We reached Karura forest’s Limuru road entrance at around 11:45am since it was a bit of last minute planning. Also it is not that far from my house, actually it took us 20 minutes to get there.

The plan was to ride through the forest till the waterfall and caves, then have our picnic. However this did not go quite as planned because most of the bikes had been rented out. The fee for the bikes by the way is quite reasonable 500/= Kenyan Shillings for two hours, per bike, that is roughly about £5 or $5, obviously they accept only Kenyan shillings though :’D. So we had to wait about 2 hours to acquire bikes for my siblings, cousins and I (five in total). We ended up going for a walk instead up to the waterfall and then came back to have our picnic. Whilst walking I walked ahead of everyone. If I’m being honest, I am very lazy when it comes to doing exercise or working out, but ask me to come for a walk or hike in a place filled with nature, and I will never turn down the opportunity. I am a very very faced paced walker (when I actually bother) and I love the peace and tranquility that the surrounding nature had to offer that day.

So I just wanted to walk ahead, to be away from the talking of my siblings and cousins. The quietness gave me the opportunity to think about things to do with my future and reflect on things in my past.

We didn’t go towards the caves as they aren’t that big and I have gone there before. The caves have a little bit of a history to it and that is, the naitve Kenyans used to hide in them from the British colonisers during the colonial times (1920-1964).

Coming back to the picnic area we had sandwiches, pasta and some soda (Sprite); which all tasted delicious after the long and tiring walk. This food was prepared from home by my mum and my aunt. Despite the tiring walk before we were still very excited to go back into the forest and this time on bikes.

My cousin had given his number to the person in charge of renting out the bikes, so that he could call us when there were any that were free. So we got a call at around 2:30 and we began cycling back into the forest at 3:00; we had to be back by latest 5:10.

We went to this lake known as butterfly lake, to our disappointment though, it was dry; due to the hot suns that Kenya has been experiencing. So we went back to the waterfalls, this time more closer and deeper than we did whilst walking. There was a point we had to leave our bikes on the trail behind as it was quite down hill and steep.

We went and climbed on rocks and logs, took some pretty amazing pictures for memories.

My sister, cousin sister and I by the waterfall.








A beautiful butterfly I saw when on the walk.
My sister (left), cousin sister (centre left), cousin brother (centre right) and I (right), by the waterfall.

Two of my brothers’ went on the wrong trail on the way to the waterfall and found themselves at the entrance of the forest, upon which they had to turn back. Mean while we waited next to the water falls for them :’D. I on the other hand was pretty slow when going down hill in general because I have a strange fear of going downhill, walking or on bikes. But uphill I loved so much, so when returning back I was ahead of everyone. The downhill and up hill is not some thing that was prominent on the paths, in fact one only notices how the path is if on a bicycle.

My siblings, cousins and I on the Bikes we rode.

We came back at around 5:15 and returned the bikes. Then we headed home. It was a day well spent.

Also for those wondering why we did this family outing on a Monday, it is because the Kenyan government declared it a public holiday for the new year, since new years fell on a Sunday.

If you ever do come to Nairobi Karura Forest is a must visit. And hurry because I don’t think it is going to be as big and as beautiful in the next 10 years or so, due to the deforestation and development that our Kenyan government has allowed. I mean look whats happening to the Nairobi national Park. I have expressed my anger and sadness in another post, during the time the news first broke.



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