Faith in Humanity

It is no secret that the Human race thinks itself as superior to everything else. That is why most of us do things without a care or thought in the world of how it might effect the environment, the earth or animals or plants. Some of us also take it upon ourselves to make the lives of others of our kind miserable.

Last year I moved into this new house. The houses in Kenya aren’t like the ones you see in the US or UK. Here, the houses are compounds and he have high walls and gates. Within the compounds however there can be flats, maisonettes, Town houses amongst others. Within the compound in which I live there are nine town houses.

Now the person who lives next to me owns a dog, The golden retriever first came to stay with her when  it was bout only three weeks old. Since then we too have treated the dog like he is our own; buying him treats, letting him into our house whenever and just generally taking care of him. Hell, my family gives him more affection than that his owner gives him. My little sister adores the dog (Toby) and always runs at any given opportunity to play with him.

The owner on the other hand does not seem to see this. When another neighbour brought puppies that we loved and played with, she git jealous and told us and my little sister off. This Neighbour of mine is actually quite well off and I personally feel like she cares for nothing and no one if it does not concern her. Our houses are kind of situated near a forest and hence we have monkeys coming into our compound. A monkey happened to enter her house and instead of chasing it away like how everyone else in the compound has been doing, she asked the compound worker to kill it and hang it on the fence to set an example to the rest of the monkeys. This was so heart-wrenching and saddening,

Toby has grown up to become a rather wild dog on some occasions and when we ask her to control him, the request falls on deaf ears. For the past two days a baby kitten which looks like it is no less than three weeks old has been roaming the compound, getting itself stuck in cars. My family is deeply concerned that if a car starts whilst the Kitten is in the engine, it will die. So we requested her to keep Toby in the house whilst we tried to rescue the Kitten. However, she objected and stated  that “we are punishing Toby just because of a Kitten”. This occurred today morning later in the evening the Kitten got stuck in my Dad’s canter which happens to be parked in the section of our drive way next to her house. Whilst my siblings and I were trying to get the cat out with the help of the watchman, Toby appeared. He started coming in our way and when we chased him away a little the lady appeared and started shouting at us. Telling us how she doesn’t like the way how we treat the dog, how we shouldn’t care for a random cat e.t.c.

This resulted in my little sister beginning to cry. And if I’m being honest so did I. She even went on to shout at the watchman. And when we defended ourselves she raised her voice. Mind you this lady was clearly a little tipsy, which my brother noticed and he told me in our mother tongue (Gujarati) to leave her and go inside. Just because we spoke in our mother tongue, she took offence yet she has done this to us on many other occasions before.

This lady also somehow has the idea that us Indians living in Kenya do not care about and do not like mixing with anyone who is not of African origin. Yet one of my best friend comes from the same tribe as her, in fact this friend is more like a sister to me. For me what language, race, gender, religion, culture you are or are from does not matter. As long as you show respect to the things around you, I will do the same. This lady also argues A LOT and never wants to hear what others have to say, not caring that she may be wrong.

Today, dear readers, I lost a lot of the hope I had left in Humanity. I know a few of you may be disappointed that I am generalising to the entire Human race but how many of you out there can say that they have made the world a better place, not for us, but, but for other animals and plants to live in. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’m making an effort which so many people out there cannot be bothered to do. As I am writing this, I am literally crying because as the Human race conquers every inch of the earth, to make it suit them. They are selfishly killing everything else in their path. That poor monkey that was killed, is just one of the many animals getting slaughtered everyday to suit Humans. And that cat that might die, is one of the many animals that will lose its life because of Human selfishness.

So today as I sleep, I pray for us all; because we are condemning the Human race to a future of doom. Due to Human selfishness, greed and  stupidity, we are digging our own graves. The world is gravely wounded and gradually dying due to the Human race.



Over due UN post will be up tomorrow.



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