Separated (Part 2)

Part 1  – first Part.

Part 2 – Final part


Jason sat silently next to Alexis on the train, reading his newspaper. Today was their one year anniversary and he was so excited to show her the surprise that he had planned for her, in fact, that is where they were headed to now. He didn’t talk at all for he was afraid that he might let something slip and ruin the surprise, and he knew that he had a habit for doing this.

Alexis sat next to Jason and was smiling to herself as she stared at the picture of the two of them, that she had just uploaded on to her Instagram. It had gotten 36 likes so far and she knew more likes were on their way. She loved the way that she and Jason looked together. Everyone who knew them said they were so cute together. But most of all she found it amazing how he had managed to make her fall for him within that year that they had been together. Alexis had always been the girl who would mess around with guys, in fact she didn’t think she would have settled down if it hadn’t been for Jason. She had met him at a party and they soon hit off as good friends, then she remembered how she the developed a possessive feeling over him; especially when another girl spoke to him. That is when she realized that she had developed feeling for him and then one day she couldn’t hold it in anymore and so she told him. Things hit off from there and now it would be a year since they were together.

Their stop was the last and so Jason knew that they would be there for a while and so he continued reading the newspaper that he held. Though he read nothing seemed to be getting into his head because he too was taking a trip down memory lane. He was remembering how confused he felt when Alexis first came and told him how she felt. How he didn’t know how to respond because though he wouldn’t admit it to himself he was somehow hoping that she would come back from wherever she had gone. But when he actually thought about it he knew that he had to stop thinking about her. When she had gone he was lost, for he had honestly thought that he had found the one. Jason recalled as to how he at first was just using Alexis to get over her, but he had gradually started actually liking her for who she is. Alexis did not anything about who Sonia was and how much she had meant to Jason, and Jason wanted to leave it that way. All Alex knew was that Jason had an ex, but she did not know her name or anything about her and every time Alexis asked he changed the topic or dodged the question all together.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by Alexis calling him to look at how cute some kid was. When he did look up, he briefly glanced at the kid and smiled at him. The little boy had dark brown hair and green eyes but he is not the one that caught Jason’s eye. The lady sitting next to the little boy made him freeze. She too sat still with her phone in her hand and then finally she looked up, and he felt his breath was knocked out of him. It was like he had forgotten to breathe. She stared directly at him and he couldn’t help but stare back, his eyes bored into her hazel ones. She didn’t look much different, except for the highlights in her hair being more prominent. Her skin naturally glowed the way it always used to and her eyes had the same twinkle in them, which they did before. Her eyes began to glisten a little.

All the time that they spent together and everything that they had shared played in his mind like a movie. He blew out a long breath that he was holding. Then the emotions started to hit him, the joy of seeing her again, the heart ache, the anger and the curiosity. This happened as he flashbacked all he felt when she left him. He remembered how hurt he was, how he had felt as though a part of him had been ripped off. Then he was angry because he had spent so much time looking for her due to worry. Only to discover that she had left without as much as a word. There was a point all he felt for her was hatred and spite, but the feeling of longing slowly crept back up. Longing for her. She was there for him when he desperately needed someone, and they had been through so much together. But now he has a scar on his heart in the shape of her name. A scar though he tried to forget about, he couldn’t. He had tried so hard not to think about her, because every time he did he would feel guilty especially since Alexis.

He also felt guilty because the reason that he had shown interest in Alexis was selfish. He thought that she would help him get over Sonia. It has only been working to an extent. And now that he saw her standing in front of him. He felt a feeling of longing, a feeling he was trying to suppress but couldn’t. He needed answers.

Their tense stare was broken when the little boy tugged at her sleeve and she looked away. She quickly got up and shook her head a little as if she were waking up from a trance. She held on to the nearest pole for support, as if she were going to collapse. She visibly blew out a long breath, in an attempt to compose herself. She then looked back. My body was no longer in my control, as I unconsciously got up from my seat slightly and nearly called out to her. But she was already gone, the train doors closing behind. All he wanted were answers.


Sonaili – This is long overdue and I am extremely sorry. For those of you are not aware of what is going on and are new, there is a part 1 which should fill you in and help with understanding.


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