The bond of love is stronger than that of blood.

The bond of love is stronger than that of blood.

Though many might say that blood relation is the strongest of bonds, I beg to differ. I strongly believe that the strongest of bonds, is that of love.

You can have all the relatives in the world but not be close to them, Yet, there can be that one person or a couple of people that can mean the world to you.

Even when it comes to ones neutral family, one can’t be close to them if they don’t have any sort of feeling of love for these people (not that I am speaking from experience).

Another major factor determining how close you are  with your family is how they treat you. If we are being honest here, no one wants to be associated with someone who does not show them some sort of respect.

I personally, have some friends who are closer to me and know me better than some of my first cousins. These friends’ are practically like family to me. If there is one quote that I absolutely love, it is:

“friends are family that we choose for ourselves” – Edna Buchanan.

This quote is true on so many levels. Now if only we were allowed to actually choose who our family is, that would be life.

I have a couple of cousins who I dislike, however it was not always like this. There are some events, or rather changes that occur in ones life that make you question who is worth keeping in your life and who is not worth it. At the moment I am kind of tied down and have to keep in touch with these people because I am still not living on my own. I do not see myself even associating with these cousins in a couple of years time. I mean, what is the point? It is not like they bother communicating with me now.

I know many of you might say it is a two way street and I couldn’t agree more. After the incident that made us grow apart, yes I did hold a grudge. But after a while didn’t see the point in doing so, I tried a couple of times to reach out, but there was no response. It’s been three years now, since I was close to these people.

This however, is not the reason why I dislike them; the main reason is that, there have been a couple of occasions in which they have disrespected my parents and this is something that I absolutely could not tolerate. My parents refuse to create an issue out of it as they believe that they are just kids and there is no point.

Due to this reason and a couple of others I strongly believe that the bond of blood is just there for the sake of the name.

A bond of love has no name joint with it; it is something connects people on whole new levels.

Yes, some bonds of love are not permanent like those of blood but they are much more memorable. If one person loves another be it as a friend, sister, brother or something more; they cherish that person and that person has made some sort of a huge impact on ones life.

I’m not saying that bonds of blood are not important, they are; but only if this relative(s) actually bothers to be a part of your life and you want a part in their life. To a great extent this can also be referred to as a bond of love.

In general, the bond love is not something one should take for granted or lightly, for it is something that is gained over time. Loving someone means trusting them, and trust is not something that one can establish with someone who is not close to them emotionally and mentally. The bond of blood however, is something that one is stuck with since they are born. Though it is permanent, it is not something that is necessarily special to someone. You can be blood related to someone, however not even talk to them because there is no emotional or mental connection present.

I would like to take this opportunity to request my readers to appreciate those whom they hold dear and love, blood related or not.

– Sonaili


The bonds of love are what connect us to the other side..png




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