The real and the fake.

I think it is safe to say that there are two types of people in the world; the real and the fake. Sometimes you can’t tell if a person is real or fake until you properly get to know them and sometimes the impression you have of someone can change once you properly get to know them.

I am in my final year of high school and this is when one should be with the people who they think are real but finding those people can be quite difficult. I would be lying if I said my school life and journey were perfect. My social life has never been stable, up until now that is. But today as I look around me I can’t help but think about how fake the people around me are. I know of some people who claim to be best friends but yet they go around and talk trash behind the others back.

A few days ago an incident happened where one of my good friends got somewhat sick and this resulted in so many people people pretending that they actually care, when even this friend herself knew that they don’t and upon recovering she didn’t even want to see them; except for the few that literally helped her at the time.

In fact amongst these people pretending like they cared was a someone who after showing concern for a while, later stated – “good now I can go back to hating her” upon hearing about her recovery. This clearly shows what kind of people we have in the world today and really makes me question the thinking of the people around me.

It is not only this situation which has made me question the thinking of some people out there, but also the way how people behave. Be it someone who is playing mind games just to get a reaction out of another person, or someone who pretends that a person is such a great friend of theirs, and yet when a situation rises where this person has to defend this ‘friend’, they cannot do it.

To the out side world I am a really quiet person but my friends know he real side of me. This is because I choose to reserve myself for those who I know actually care, I honestly have been hurt enough by people that I have trusted. To be honest I too display a facade, pretending to be so strong that sometimes I may come of as a bit ignorant and arrogant, yet this is my defense mechanism. So to extent I too am ‘fake’ but that is how the outside world may choose to see it, as long as my friends know the real me, I’m good. All I do not want is to draw attention to myself unlike some others I know

Yet there are other people who even their friends don’t even know the real them. A guy I know but don’t speak to has actually said this about his ‘friends’ to one of my closest friends because they are close. And the ironic thing about this guy is that he hangs around and is part of the group of people that everyone knows. I honestly sympathise with him because when my friend gave him the advise to keep himself away form these friends he states -“I can’t I don have a choice”. And upon hearing this, dear readers, I couldn’t help but laugh and roll my eyes. There is a quote I firmly and always believe in –

“In life you always have a choice, sometimes it’s easier to think you don’t” ~ Guinevere (Merlin)

Hence this guy clearly is fake.

Like I had stated before I honestly sympathise with such ‘fake’ people because I personally feel as though they are so lost, that they don’t know where to start from in looking for the path that leads them back to the right direction.

But the other group of people who are fake to just to get, all the attention that they can get from the world, I hate. I know hate is a strong word but I’m still helplessly using it. This other group I feel needs to get a strong reality check, so as to bring their heads down from the clouds and back to earth.

Then there is the category of the fake who like me put up a facade, because they don’t want to the outside world to see how they are feeling inside.

And at the end of the day it can be safely said that the ‘real’ people existing in this world are a few, and if you find these people never let them go or do anything to hurt them. Also it is important that you, yourself as an individual should know where you fit and why.



I still haven’t received the picture form my UN visit, to be honest I think the girl that took them doesn’t want to give them to me, God knows why. Also this is something that I wanted to write and structure properly, before posting it ( in fact it had been saved as a draft for so long). But due to a couple of recent event I felt the need to rant out my thoughts, through my writing because I had stated in Why decided to share my writing , Writing helps me greatly in releasing out my built in emotions Also this is my blog, so I am going to talk about whats going on around me. 🙂


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