World girl child day

This something I feel so deeply about and its probably personally the best poem I have written to date.

Sonaili Writes




All she wants if for her cries to be heard,

For it is she who is endangered,

It is she who is looked down upon by society,

But the males are treated like royalty.

It is she who must eternally feel inferior,

Whilst he is made to feel superior.

In India they kill her upon birth,

For they fail to see her worth.

In Africa they wed her off when tender,

And to the superior she must surrender.

In Europe they call her fragile and weak,

And she is not heard when she speaks.

But enough, I say, its enough!

Times have changes and she is tough.

She too represents the voice of present and future,

And she has had enough of this torture!

Equality from society is what she craves,

For she too is brave.

Her name is the girl child.

And gone are the days she…

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