World girl child day




All she wants if for her cries to be heard,

For it is she who is endangered,

It is she who is looked down upon by society,

But the males are treated like royalty.

It is she who must eternally feel inferior,

Whilst he is made to feel superior.


In India they kill her upon birth,

For they fail to see her worth.

In Africa they wed her off when tender,

And to the superior she must surrender.

In Europe they call her fragile and weak,

And she is not heard when she speaks.


But enough, I say, its enough!

Times have changes and she is tough.

She too represents the voice of present and future,

And she has had enough of this torture!

Equality from society is what she craves,

For she too is brave.


Her name is the girl child.

And gone are the days she was exiled;

From society and the nation;

She demands an education!

Grant her the right to flourish,

And you’ll see the wonders she will accomplish.


This is the message I want to share,

We need everyone to care,

If we unite she can strive,

And like the rising sun she will thrive.

And courage within us she shall find,

My name is the girl child.




This poem is to commemorate international day of the girl child, which is today (October 11th). As a feminist myself I love the message that this day aims to spread; that women are just as equal as men. It is on this day that us women, girl and ladies take pride in who and what we are.

Growing up in two communities where the worth of the girl child is not known, I feel so fortunate that my parents have granted me the chance to flourish and have given me the option to be whatever I want, encouraging me to follow my dreams.

I am an Indian girl who was born and raised in Kenya. And despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century people around me still haven’t realised how important Girls are. A couple of days ago my mum was speaking to this lady ( an acquaintance)  in temple, who told my mum what to me was most ridiculous thing, according to this lady, girls go nowhere when sent for further studies (University), instead they should just be wed at twenty five. This lady has a son her self and takes great pride in her son.But she does not realise the importance of the girl child, yet she is a woman herself. I personally don’t blame her, I blame the society that implanted the thought and idea into her head.

I have three siblings, and I am the eldest. I have two sister and one brother, so basically we are four of us; Me, my sister my brother followed by my little sister. When my mum had my sister and I, people were laughing at her saying she has two girls, yet I believe that my sister and I are doing much better in every aspect compared to the kids of these people. I am so glad that my mum has brought us up in a way where we are all equal in her eyes. Though in anger I might tell her sometimes, I know for a fact that she has never thought of my brother superior to us sisters.

This is what I believe should be happening in all homes, no girl or woman should inferior; be it at home, in school, at a work place and generally anywhere in school.

So no matter where she lives, every girl on this planet deserves the chance to learn and grow, a live a life of her own choosing. On international day of the girl child, lets keep working to build a world where every girl feels secure and equal, so that they can pursue they dreams and progress forward. This is the main aim of this day, that was set out by the UN.





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