I am a writer



I write to express;

to get rid of stress,

To make a difference,

and create a new universe.


They say I’m depressed;

But I feel blessed,

I look into life deep,

And with my eyes I sweep.


I write to escape;

To fix and to shape.

To expose the lies,

And to show the cries.


I write to advise;

To help people rise,

To prove they aren’t alone,

and it’s allowed to fear the unknown.


I write to entertain,

to flood their brain;

with various emotions,

And stories of my creations.


I am a writer,

And whatever the matter,

Writing is my passion,

And this is my confession.



This poem is about what motivates and drives my passion for writing and in a way to honour all writers out there. I also wrote it in commemoration of national poetry day.

Sorry for not posting for quite a while but I have been quite busy with school, exams and uni applications.



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