The human race

Sonaili Writes


We think we are superior,

But are we really?

Everything else we consider inferior,

We alone are worthy;

Because we are the human race.

To plan is in our nature,

Destroying everything in our path,

Smaller is every other creature,

Hence they must face our wrath;

Because we are the human race

Conquering every land within our reach,

Wrecking forests to accommodate us,

Subjugation we teach,

And over small things we must fuss;

Because we are the Human race.

But who says we are smart?

We must learn to appreciate;

Mother earth’s art,

Or at this rate,

We will secure our expiry date.

If we do not change,

We will cause,

The termination of the world,

And the end;

The end of the human race.

– Sonaili

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