Why I decided to share my writing. (part 1)

Since my first blog post was not about this, I decided to let my readers know why I decided to share my work.

Writing is something that I am passionate about and have always loved. For the past couple of years I have had various ideas for stories circling my mind but I never actually had the courage to write this ideas into a proper story. This was because my grammar was not really good. Recently though I feel like my grammar and descriptions has improved greatly. Especially after I wrote a story for my English class that people in my class liked, I myself fell in love with that piece of work. This short story was previously called ‘The Resurrection’ but is now called ‘uninvited guest’.

The first piece work, which I shared with the world is known as ‘Coincidence‘, this also happens to be a short story and I first published it on a website called Wattpad.

When I was writing coincidence there were things going on in my life, which affected me so much to the extent that it lead to the deterioration of my health. These things were school related and now that I look back, I can say that it was kind of bullying. In my first post, on my blog, I had mentioned that I kind of hold a senior position in my school, well I am not the only one who holds this position. We are in fact a group of sixteen, including myself. We are supposed to be working together, however some of these students in this group had taken it upon themselves to make my life miserable by picking on me and blaming me for things I had not even done. There are some others in this group who were really supportive and kind of helped me through that difficult time. Till to date this group that is supposed to be working together is still divided, though the picking on has stopped.

My closest friends were also there for me and so was my mother, but it was my writing that helped me the most. I clearly remember how one Friday afternoon part of that group of ten had decided to blame me, again. My friends and and two of the five that helped me were each telling me to ignore them. And though I tried I couldn’t, so I took out my laptop and finished writing coincidence.

Writing that story really made me forget everything that was going on around me. Also the excitement I got when I was writing the climax was a feeling of total euphoria. Hence once I was done with the story I was too excited to care about what those people thought of me and once I had showed it to my friends and got their opinions, I immediately went ahead to share it on wattpad and now here.

So that is when I decided to share my work with the world. I would like to thank all those who helped during that difficult period during my year 12 life.

Though this story of mine may sound a bit deep and emotional to some of you, but it did happen and it is very true. Looking back I hated that time because just when I thought I was finally just where I wanted to be in terms of happiness, this incident gave me a reality jolt and check. And I am sure that similar incidents have happened and are happening to people all over the world.

Nearly nine months later, since sharing coincidence with the world I decided to start this blog’ website to expand my horizons and to write to an older and mature audience compared to teen filled wattpad. But what really inspired me to start Sonailiwrites here on wordpress will be shown in part 2 of this post.

Also there is a short story coming up tomorrow titled Twist of Fate. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Why I decided to share my writing. (part 1)

  1. I used to write on Wattpad, too, and personally, I got tired of it. The stories there are so poorly written it shocks me when something gets published.

    I wish you the best in growing your readership here on WordPress.


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