Wealth and Class


Wealth Does Not Define Class

Although some may out rightly disagree with this statement (above), I strongly believe it is true. Being classy means: dressing appropriately, appreciating classical music, appreciating old musical hits, appreciating the classic movies – e.g The Sound of Music, having manners and etiquette, appreciating the deeper under lying meaning of things and last but not least respecting everyone.
Now tell me; does one have to be extremely wealthy for them to do these things? Some wealthy people I know of, wear expensive things and buy other expensive things as well; however, possess none of the traits mentioned above, but yet claim to be classy.
Classy is literally defined as ‘stylish and sophisticated’, ‘stylish and elegant’ and ‘not crude or disgusting or dirty or depressing’

(P.S -this is something I feel very strongly and deeply about)



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