“Life is about change, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful, but most of the time it’s both.” – Lana Lang (Smallville)

This is by far one of my favourite quotes’ out there. The reason being; it is so true. Change is something that I will always find difficult to accept. I am sure that there are many people out there who feel the same way.

Though change can bring in something bad, it can also bring in something good as well. And this is something that I have learnt, however in a difficult way

The person I was around two years ago is nothing like who I am today. I am, who I am today because of a couple of changes that occurred in my life. This time about an year ago I was dead scared of going back to school.  I was already very much insecure due to various reasons and needed to be surrounded by friends or some sort of people that I knew, especially in a very crowded space. But, after year 11 the closest of my friends decided to go to uni. Looking back I felt horrible, but now I feel like it was probably one of the best things that happened to me (Not that I don’t miss some of them, extremely).

So the first few weeks of school were hard. But soon I learnt to go with the flow. I had to face my fears and overcome my insecurities. Soon I had made a new bunch of friends and these friends (especially two of them) I know will be life long friends. They are partly responsible for the confidence I have today. Today I wouldn’t mind walking from one end of the school to another all by myself, without feeling conscious.

I know many of you might me thinking that I am depending who I am based on my social life. But that’s not it, this year I became a totally different person because I decided to look at the positive side of things. I had also decided not to let what people said about me get the better of me, even if it did I wouldn’t show it; because by then I had realised that they knew that this was my weakness (that I care too much). Also looking on the brighter side of things made me somewhat confident and now I hold quite a high position within my school.

Though my story is a simple high school story that might involve basic events. There are some out there who I know let change get the better of them. This takes a huge toll on their life and worsens the circumstance for them, and then they start wondering where they went wrong. What they don’t realise is that maybe if they had decided to look at things from a different perspective or point of view that is somewhat positive, they could be in a much better off place. Even if you feel you absolutely cannot find anything positive in the change then take some time to really think about your situation, get all the space and help you need and find a way to move on. Talking to someone about you feel never hurts, in fact it helps one in many ways.

In general and conclusion change is inevitable and despite all the changes that occur in ones life, the world goes on. No one is going to wait for you to catch up, this is something that some grasp easily and others learn the hard way. But at the end of the day it is how you face the changes that are occurring your life, that actually matters.


There is nothing permanent except change




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