Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows

I think its safe to say that for most of us things don’t go the way we planned. That’s what happened to me recently, my AS level result were not as good as I would have expected. I wanted to pursue law as career but that’s a no go for me now.

But journalism has always been a back up for me due to my passion of writing.

Today I went for my first day at a newspapers office for my internship, to be honest though it was not quite what I was expecting. Though it was just the first day and I am keen on learning as much as I can in this new field.

Also this internship will help a great deal for me when I am applying to get into a university and also I know I will learn many new things form it. One thing I really want to do is learn new things and get to meet new people and something I just realised is that journalism might just give me a better opportunity to do this than law.

Also I don’t think I am a ‘desk job’ type of a person. Another thing that I have realised is that I was somehow forced to do law, because apparently all the traits that I possess are that of a good lawyer.

At the end of the day something that I have realised is that when one door closes another opens.




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